The Wayfinder mobile recording studio is a collaborative project. The concept was developed by Maguire+Devine Architects, while detail design and fabrication was carried out by Guy Paramore Designs (no small feat!).

"The purpose of The Wayfinder is to travel around Tasmania and collect stories from every day people and every day life and share them through the intimate art of audio storytelling.

The Wayfinder is a mobile recording studio designed and built in Tasmania. It is a professional sound booth with excellent sound proof acoustic insulation properties and has been carefully designed to be conducive to conversation and make people feel comfortable and relaxed. The Wayfinder was an idea born from the imagination of its creator, Helene Thomas, however, inspiration has been drawn from the US initiative StoryCorps and the BBC’s The Listening Project, where stories are preserved in order to build connections between people.” -

Client | Helene Thomas
Materials | Plywood, Tasoak, Aluminium, Trailer
Builders | Guy Paramore Designs Photographer | Rob Maver