sherwood hill house

Pelverata | Residential

Designed for a young couple escaping from the hustle and bustle of life in Melbourne, this modest house frames views of the surrounding forested hills.  Living spaces open onto a sheltered terrace that catches the northern sun throughout the day.  The house and terrace steps down the steep site, maintaining a direct connection to the gardens.

A limited budget called for careful selection of materials and a compact floor plan, while high ceilings and careful placement of windows created a grand sense of space and openness.   The internal hoop ply lining is light, warm and homely, while the external dark metal cladding is a robust protective skin that visually recedes into the bush.  

Location | Pelverata, Southern Tasmania                                  

Materials | Hoop plywood, Spandek                                

Builder | Maveric                                                                   

Status | Completed 2017